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  • January 30, 2021
How Long Has the Laptop Computer Been Around?

How Long Has the Laptop Computer Been Around?

The laptop computer has a long history which began in 1981 when a portable computer known as ‘Osborne’ was made. Although it was rather heavy and clumsy, with a tiny screen, it had a major impact on computer technology. For the first time, business people were able to transport data if they had to attend out of town meetings.

Two years later, along came the Compaq Portable. Although hardly portable by today’s standards, and almost as heavy as the Osborne, it was the first IBM duplicate. This computer was able to run off MS-DOS but it required electricity.

The first laptop that came close to the ones we are familiar with today was the GriD Compass 1101, designed by Bill Moggridge, and released during 1982. This computer was housed in a magnesium case which is similar to the clam shell casings that we see on modern laptops.

Another two laptops that are worth a mention in this era were the Gavilan SC and the Sharp PC-5000, especially the Gavilan which was the first to be marketed using the word ‘laptop’. In 1983 the biggest selling laptop computer was the Kyocera 85 which was truly portable in the sense that it could run on standard batteries.

Three other commercial laptops that were compatible with IBM were two Toshiba models, the T1000 and the T1200, and the IBM PC Convertible. The Toshiba models were introduced in 1987, while the IBM one was launched the year before. During the next few years, there was rapid progress in the technology of laptops and by 1995 they were common place.

Now that we have reached the 21st Century, laptops have become a way of life. Just about everyone has one. Technology has advanced so fast that we forget that it was not long ago that owing a computer was considered to be a luxury. Today it is a necessity and we use our computers for everything.

With the convenience of laptops, we are not bound to our homes or offices. Just walk into any restaurant, hotel or other public place and you will see men, women and children busy on their laptops. They are used for entertainment purposes, business purposes and research purposes.

The laptop computer has certainly caused a revolution. We can sit across town and pay our bills, order furniture, or chat face-to-face with our friends and family anywhere in the world. There are many accessories that can be purchased for laptops. These include battery packs, USB cables, webcams and even joysticks for playing games.…

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  • January 27, 2021
Remote Desktop Control: As Simple As a Keyboard and Mouse

Remote Desktop Control: As Simple As a Keyboard and Mouse

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with remote desktop control software, then now is the time to do just that. With a few quick and simple relations, you can make your work life much easier, and make some of your personal things that you do with your computer that much more efficient and practical.

So remote desktop control is something that you can do through the utilization of special software. Essentially, you will be installing this software on a few different computers, so that you can connect to essentially at will. You are basically forming your own personal Internet, where you can control different computers from other computers.

Remote desktop control software is available for both Windows and Macintosh systems, and some of them are cross platform while the others are slightly more proprietary in that you can only connect to a similar operating system. It all depends on the design of the basic structure and how the networking is configured.

What is happening is that you are connecting one computer to another via the Internet. The to computers that are involved are called the post and client computers. The host computer is on and running, and the client computer basically finds its Internet address on the web and connects to it using a specialized login.

If you want to describe remote desktop control on the most basic level, you’d essentially be saying that you are using your keyboard and mouse from your home location to control the computer and the remote location. That means that you can run all of the programs and access all the files, but you are controlling the data entry and data movement commands through your own machine.

There are several times when this type of remote desktop control would be appropriate, especially professionally. If you are sick, and you still need to get work done, having remote desktop control will allow you to get all of your work done from the safety and comfort of your own home, and still make your boss happy.

Two other really important things that remote desktop control can function as an important ability for is for file transfer and remote shutdown. Once you have control of another computer, you can use your command ability to move files from one place to another, and then afterward turn the computer off remotely.

If you’ve never looked into remote desktop control before, there’s no time like the present to begin at least a cursory study of it. You may find that it can increase your practical functionality for both work and personal reasons in the blink of an eye, and many times the cost associated with it is very minimal.…

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  • January 24, 2021
Application Of Computer Preventive Maintenance Software

Application Of Computer Preventive Maintenance Software

Just like any other machine, computers are prone to breaking down at any time. This can cause inconvenience to one especially if they had important data or information stored in it. Therefore there is need for this to be prevented at any cost. One way of doing this is by the use of computer preventive maintenance software and utilities.

It is used to monitor, detect and prevent the computer from any harm from software threats and hardware malfunctions. They also help improve the performance of the system by carrying out periodic automatic updates.

There are many types of these utilities. Some of them include disk defragmenters. These programs manage the hard disk space so as to ensure that data and information saved on it is easily accessible and that it does not take a long time to do so.

Another example is the hardware diagnostic utility. It checks the condition of the hardware and is also able to detect and alert the user if there is any fault with any of them. It is also used to check whether new hardware connected to the system is compatible and recommends that you install the compatible driver for the hardware if at all there is none.

Antivirus programs are also another one of these utilities. Viruses are some of the most dangerous threats that the computer faces. They mostly affect the non physical part of the system though this also has an effect on the hardware of the too. They cause a lot of data loss and crashing of computers and therefore must be stopped at any cost.

That is why several companies have come up with antivirus programs to counteract them which are called antivirus programs. There are several types of antivirus programs depending on the company that creates them. The most common ones are McAfee, Norton, AVG and Kaspersky. They take care of the system by getting rid of the viruses and other related programs created with malicious intent.

Driver utilities are also included in this list. This program scans the system for available drivers and identifies those that are missing or the outdated ones. It then recommends the appropriate drivers that should be installed in place of the outdated ones or connects to the internet so as to update them. In cases where there are missing drivers then it gives suggestions of compatible drivers and once you have chosen the one you want to install then it automatically installs it form the internet.

The final computer preventive maintenance software is the registry management software. These deal with the registry. This is where the software keys and configuration settings are usually stored. It contains important information on program and files locations in the computer. When anything is installed an entry is created in the registry and when it is uninstalled the entry remains unused. This interferes with the performance of the system. So the managers scan the registry, fix any faulty entries and delete …

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  • January 20, 2021
The New American Job: Hybrid Careers

The New American Job: Hybrid Careers

As a child, John Halamka was passionate about science and electronics. In 4th grade, he presented a home-built Van de Graff generator at his school science fair and took home first place honors. Fast forward 30 some years, and Halamka, now Dr. Halamka is the chief information officer at Harvard medicine school. Dr. Halamka is not only the acting CIO, but is also a practicing emergency-ward physician and electronic health records advisor for the Obama administration.

Dr. Halamka’s career is what labor experts are now calling a “hybrid career,” a career that fuses computing with other fields. And, as computing knowledge becomes more of an integral part of many professions, the “hybrid career” will be the job of the future.

These future jobs will require more multi-disciplinary, technologically knowledgeable, “cool nerds” like Dr. Halamka and because of this educators and technologists are calling for a reform of computer science education beginning in high schools. The focus in high school computer courses has traditionally been on teaching students how to use simple software like word processors and spreadsheets. For students to enter into the “hybrid careers” of the future, more emphasis needs to be placed on programming as opposed to writing word documents.

Says Alfred Spector, vice president for research and special initiatives at Google, “we need to gain an understanding in the population that education in computer science is both extraordinarily important and extraordinarily interesting. The fear is that if you pursue computer science, you will be stuck in a basement, writing code. That is absolutely not the reality.”

Kira Lehtomaki, like Dr. Halamka, pursued a hybrid career. A Disney animator, (she “sketches” her drawings on a computer by using specialized graphics and software) Lehtomaki credits her longtime love of both art and technology to her success in the digital animation field. Lehtomaki noted that “computer science taught me how to think about things, how to break down and solve complex problems.

This “computational thinking” is aiding advances in “field after field” and calls to attention the “broad reach of computing across the sciences, industries, culture and society.”

Teaching groups, organizations like the National Science Foundation and the Association for Computing Machinery and companies like Google, Microsoft, and Intel are recent additions to the movement and hope to help reform not only high-school computer courses but also higher education computer courses and programs. The groups are also advocating making technology and computer education more widely available through online courses and online instruction.…

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  • January 15, 2021
Teach Older Folks to Use a Computer

Teach Older Folks to Use a Computer

Computers and Older Users

Some old folk resist every bit of technology and change as they cling desperately to the ways of the past. Time, however, is against them in a rapidly changing environment that will see them ever more isolated unless they adapt.

The computer is not a thing to be feared and the advantages far outweigh the effort put in to learn its functions. If encouraged and shown the ropes an older person can not only have a lot of fun doing puzzles, playing games, and making new friends but will find that things like banking their money and paying their bills has never been easier.

The programs available now are better, more sophisticated and far easier to use than those of a few years ago. Once the initial set-up is completed the memory of ever the browser makes surfing the web so much better.

Writing letters is fast becoming a thing of the past as emails have taken over. They cost nothing to send and receive and are there in a flash with a reply likely within a few minutes. Sending cards is, likewise, being overridden by computer cards that also cost nothing to send.

Take away the drudge of shopping in a mall and introduce them to the delights of shopping online and receiving the goods purchased when they arrive at the door of their home instead of humping them around the old way. Show them the hundreds of forums where they can chat to like-minded people, talk about their lives, their ailments, and their families to their hearts content.

Help them find the bargains they never dreamed existed when massive discounts are offered by online stores. Take away the mystery of downloading and being involved with interactive web sites where they can spend hours of sheer pleasure doing what they enjoy most.

These are only some of the benefits to be had by older folk as they give up their prejudices and take up some new interests in the modern concept of communication. It’s up to family members and friends to help them get online and learn how to do it for themselves.…

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  • January 12, 2021
Importance of Queen in a Game of Carrom

Well, carrom is a game of skill and accuracy that can be easy to master. What’s more, it is one of those board games which are enthralling to play. In case you are just setting out to play carrom, the mere knowledge of striking the carrom men would seem easy.

However, in no time, you would find that carrom is a bit more puzzling than your perception. It is a popular indoor game that has its origin in India. It is imperative to note here that playing real money carrom game requires a good knowledge of superlative accuracy and angles.

The International Carrom Federation (ICF) has postulated some specific rules for national and international matches that the players should abide by. If you want to excel in this game, it is imperative to be aware of the significance of the queen.

The queen is also known as the red-colored coin, carrying the maximum points. So if you pocket it early, you have an excellent chance to win the game. What’s more, no player can win until the queen is pocketed and covered. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at the significance of the queen.   

The Queen’s Position is always at Board’s Center

Usually, the minimum and the maximum number of participants in the carrom are two and four. Always remember that the queen occupies the center position on the board. Six pieces are put nearby the queen directly in the circle.

The lasting twelve coins are placed in the inner circle. Note that both the processes should possess coins of alternating colors. When you are playing a real money carrom game, you can only win when you pocket the queen.

Flicking the Striker to get the Queen

To be precise, there exists an array of ways to flick the striker. However, it depends on your playing style. One of the best ways to flick the striker is to angle it correctly with respect to the queen’s location. In this manner, you can improve your accuracy and chances of winning at the same time. But remember that you have to pocket an extra carrom man as a cover for the queen. If you fail to do so, you end up giving the rights to the queen.

Facts on covering the Queen

Well, the game of carrom is primarily based on pocketing the carrom men along with the queen. But if you aren’t aware of the significance of pocketing the queen, you cannot emerge as the winner of the game. So here are some essential facts which you should consider while pocketing the queen.

  • You can pocket the queen after the player pockets at least one carrom man.
  • Each white and black carrom man has one point apiece. On the other hand, the queen usually has three points. However, this classification of the particulars may change as per the tournament.
  • As a player, you would acquire the queen’s points in case you cover it. By protecting it, you

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Get a Head Start on Successful Studying

Get a Head Start on Successful Studying

Soon schools and colleges will start back after long holidays, back to study, revision and cramming. What if I could give you information on how to make studying and more importantly revising for exams easier, quicker and fun? I am not saying that studying will become a breeze but that revision of notes and cramming will flow better and simpler. This is what I would have loved to have known about in university, as I found revising my cramped notes and illegible handwriting very difficult.

I tried everything to make studying easier but I found retaining information hard and the amount of notes to revise before an exam daunting, if only I could make this mass of information into the Cliff note version, the short, essential knowledge needed for success. What if there was a proven method of studying to increase your level of success? There is!

There has been a great leap in knowledge about how the brain learns to retain and retrieve information for life and studying. Making lists and copying out lecture notes is not the most effective way of learning, in fact it can be boring and very laborious which encourages you to give up. The brain can actually learn quicker and easier if the information is laid out over the page in what some people call Mind Mapping. All you need for mind mapping is paper and a pencil.

1. Put the subject of your notes in the center of the page i.e. Christmas2. Radiating from the center write all you can remember about the subject or write from your notes for example: presents, decorations, carols, tree, turkey etc3. Connect the ideas up with lines or different colors.4. You find as you look at the page more ideas come to you and are easy to add.5. Expand on the subject i.e. from the Christmas tree may spring the ideas of lights, tinsel, candles, star or angel.6. Soon instead of a blank page you have filled the page with all your knowledge on any particular subject. It can show at a glance gaps in knowledge or areas of strength.

Mind maps can aid you in maximizing your mental abilities, not only for studies and work but in improving your memory and showing you a positive way to learn. This gives you a gift and thirst for learning and knowledge, when you see that the steep uphill struggle to learn has an elevator.

Mind maps are a way of displaying information in a way that the brain works, the human brain does not work by lists but on making connections. Mind maps lay out information in a nonlinear way that triggers the brain to make connections. You can add drawings and color to expand on your ideas but for those of us who are not very artistic, I use stickers and highlighters. The mind maps are a way of making notes as you learn which can speed up note taking …

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  • January 7, 2021
How Unemployment Can Be Reduced in the Present Times

How Unemployment Can Be Reduced in the Present Times

Unemployment is leaving a very negative impact on the economies of different nations. While developing countries continue its struggle to create more jobs, developed nations are finding it difficult to offer jobs. Therefore there is a lot of gap between developing nations and developed nations and this bridge of gap must be reconnected in order to ensure that jobs are everywhere and people find it quite convenient to find jobs.

Necessity for minimum education and training in skill development

Unemployment that begins due to lack of education and skill must be dealt on a global level by providing access to minimum education as a measure of poverty elimination tool. Further training in skilled jobs must be launched on a rapid level so that those who are uneducated can quickly find a job in skilled training. Some of the skilled jobs include plumbing, carpentry, electrical fittings, electronic goods repair and such other skilled jobs.

This helps many unemployed young men and women to find jobs easily and it brings a moderate income to their families. Keeping in view of financial independence and status that is required for every family, it is important that there should be more emphasis on promotion of skilled training centers that can help millions of people around the world.

Wide spread of Internet and Computer technology

Online jobs that begin from data entry to a freelance writer, there is a huge requirement of good writers who can write good articles for online websites and online magazines. Basic knowledge of computer and Internet must be provided on a global level to an extent that data entry jobs are easy to find and all the job seekers are able to find suitable jobs that match with their skills and education.

Necessity to introduce more new businesses

With the rapid growth in globalization and liberalization of trade and business policies, there are many sectors in business that still require a lot of research and knowledge to be able to establish and launch new businesses. For instance, there is a huge requirement for green energy products to reduce the emission of carbons from industries. There are other industries such as wind energy, organic agriculture, transport industry, IT industry and computer industry that can still expand its business to create more jobs.

When new businesses are launched it creates more jobs thereby reducing the problem of unemployment. Every nation that is facing the problem of unemployment can start implementing different strategies to eradicate the problem of unemployment so that every family member is earning and has a good job.…

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  • January 2, 2021
The Role of Computers in Our Daily Life

The Role of Computers in Our Daily Life

Remember those days when we used to walk in to the banks and get our pass books filled manually or the supermarkets, where we used to get hand written bills and the counter staff would sit with the help of a calculator and total up the bill.

Now when we think of those days, we may smirk at the very thought of being in such a situation again. The credit for this goes to the computers. They have made our lives really easy. A client sitting in the USA can get work done from his subordinate sitting in India without even meeting that person. The utility bills can be paid without standing in any queue. Not to forget the fact that quite a lot of shopping can also be done from the comfort of one’s home or business.

Also, the students need not spend hours a day in the library trying to find some information for their projects; they can just surf on the internet and get the information of their relevance. All kinds of scholarship and admission tests are now available online and the students don’t have to sweat it out for the same and can complete these tests from their home itself. Even for a simple thing like getting more information about a disease, one can log on to the internet and get the details rather than worrying about it.

How can we forget the relevance of computers in keeping in touch with our relatives and friends? In the earlier days we had to wait for a fortnight to get any correspondence from our relatives staying overseas, but now it is just a matter of seconds. The seniors and subordinates can keep in touch with others even after the office hours since the internet is available all the time. Long distance businesses can also be run efficiently with the help of computers. There are many instances when the business associates do not even meet face to face but maintain a healthy business relationship.

Another important fact about computers and internet is that there is ample of opportunity for women who wish to work from home due to computers. Gone were the days when working from home was a remote possibility. Now anyone who is fluent in English, has a computer with internet connection can work at home and be financially independent.

If used correctly, there are ample advantages and opportunities in using the computer technology. The computer technology has advanced so much that to keep in line with the others; one has to incorporate computer technology in one’s life. It is just not possible to think of working without the help of this technology because this is a very important part of everyone’s life now. Life has been made very easy and convenient in today’s world just because of computer technology and there is no denying the fact that the computers have added speed in our lives, otherwise we would …