Application Of Computer Preventive Maintenance Software

Application Of Computer Preventive Maintenance Software

Just like any other machine, computers are prone to breaking down at any time. This can cause inconvenience to one especially if they had important data or information stored in it. Therefore there is need for this to be prevented at any cost. One way of doing this is by the use of computer preventive maintenance software and utilities.

It is used to monitor, detect and prevent the computer from any harm from software threats and hardware malfunctions. They also help improve the performance of the system by carrying out periodic automatic updates.

There are many types of these utilities. Some of them include disk defragmenters. These programs manage the hard disk space so as to ensure that data and information saved on it is easily accessible and that it does not take a long time to do so.

Another example is the hardware diagnostic utility. It checks the condition of the hardware and is also able to detect and alert the user if there is any fault with any of them. It is also used to check whether new hardware connected to the system is compatible and recommends that you install the compatible driver for the hardware if at all there is none.

Antivirus programs are also another one of these utilities. Viruses are some of the most dangerous threats that the computer faces. They mostly affect the non physical part of the system though this also has an effect on the hardware of the too. They cause a lot of data loss and crashing of computers and therefore must be stopped at any cost.

That is why several companies have come up with antivirus programs to counteract them which are called antivirus programs. There are several types of antivirus programs depending on the company that creates them. The most common ones are McAfee, Norton, AVG and Kaspersky. They take care of the system by getting rid of the viruses and other related programs created with malicious intent.

Driver utilities are also included in this list. This program scans the system for available drivers and identifies those that are missing or the outdated ones. It then recommends the appropriate drivers that should be installed in place of the outdated ones or connects to the internet so as to update them. In cases where there are missing drivers then it gives suggestions of compatible drivers and once you have chosen the one you want to install then it automatically installs it form the internet.

The final computer preventive maintenance software is the registry management software. These deal with the registry. This is where the software keys and configuration settings are usually stored. It contains important information on program and files locations in the computer. When anything is installed an entry is created in the registry and when it is uninstalled the entry remains unused. This interferes with the performance of the system. So the managers scan the registry, fix any faulty entries and delete all the unused entries therefore improving the overall performance of the computer.