Samsung Galaxy S9 sets new standards for Android Premium Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy is not just another mobile phone series that comes and goes, Samsung has made itself a brand that people really look forward to. From the start of the series back in the day when Galaxy One was first launched to the day today when Galaxy S8 is also out in the market and roaring stronger.

With each Galaxy phone launching, Samsung is making a better impact of the brand and the trust value of the phone is constantly increasing. Right now the wait is to see the next Samsung Galaxy S9, there are rumors that Samsung will this time introduce technology that users haven’t imagined before.

Galaxy S9

From the concept of the dual screen to a 3D camera and display, Samsung is preparing strong to amaze its fans with the more beautiful Galaxy S9. The galaxy series started to get popular when Samsung’s 3rd Galaxy device was launched that was called the Samsung Galaxy S3. Since then to now when Samsung sells mobile devices in Millions, the company has become one of the largest producers of mobile phones in the whole world.

Phones made by Samsung today are not all high-end phones, but the company also cover a big share of the basic phone market. These phones are as cheap as 50 USD but how it helps the company to boost its market value is by making it one of the largest producer of mobile phones. This legacy was once being carried by the non-existent Nokia and then came the Apple’s iPhone, Samsung tried to keep their hold on both the markets and today they have left both behind with the quality and innovation.

Why is Galaxy S9 release date worth the wait?

There have been claims by experts that the company has designed a unique projection technology that will project the screen like a 3D view and the cameras itself will also capture the world in 3D. Nowadays all the live apps allow one to go online in a 3-dimensional world and in near future, this is one very useful thing to have on a mobile phone. Samsung Galaxy S9 release date should be 24 March 2018 looking at the events that are around for that year.

Galaxy S9

What will be Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs?

With every brand pumping in hardware specs, Samsung can’t keep themselves away from the rat race, else they lose the battle there itself. Standards for a general user today is that what maximum gigs of RAM can he get his phone for one same amount. The other Chinese phone manufacturers are pumping very high-end specs in phones that are way cheaper than Galaxy phones, so Samsung has to offer something new and different. Which Samsung is doing very well keeping the Galaxy S9 specs very different from the crowd with the additional incomparable features.

Will Samsung survive the Chinese phone wars?

With companies like OnePlus, Xiaomi and Oppo, Samsung might find it hard in the near future to survive as easy. These other companies offer phones that are way cheaper and performance is very much comparable to a Galaxy phone. Phones such as Xiaomi Mi5 which looked very similar to Galaxy S7 and both were launched in the same event with a difference of few days only. Xiaomi Mi5 first introduced the Snapdragon 820 which later was introduced by Samsung as well in their Galaxy S7. With quite a lot of similarities, both phone costs were way apart with Xiaomi Mi5 being almost half the price of S7. With no doubt, Samsung looked much more premium for the outside and the overall feel of the phone is not comparable. With the users getting more mainstream, all they look at nowadays is the how many gigs of RAM and the processing speed of the phone. Xioami with their Mi5 sold a quite good quantity of the phone but Samsung’s S7 became of the most beautiful phone ever made and it indeed was.

The story of OnePlus with its OnePlus 4 was no different, even this phone was launched with great specs. One thing that differentiated OnePlus from the other rest is the quality of their build. OnePlus 3 and 4 both looked very premium from the outside as well.

Story of the other Premium Smartphone – Google Pixel and LG G6

On the other side, there are other competitors for Samsung who also are trying to establish themselves in the premium Android smartphone space. Brands such as Google Pixel, LG G6 are not able to make the impact as good as Samsung is doing in this league of more premium Android phones.

Galaxy S9 vs Google Pixel

Google recently launched Pixel which did not really go that well and that created a buzz for a few initial days of launch only. Google Pixel is no inexpensive phone, it is almost at the price of a good Samsung Galaxy S7 but misses on the basic appeal of the phone. LG is suffering the same way, with its new LG G6, they took innovation to another level altogether but missed the look again which is the first thing any user will look for in a phone.

Back in the day when Google and LG used to have their Google Nexus phone, that phone actually created the magic among users. The best hardware of those days with the latest updated of Android, that phone became a great package for the users.

Things to Know About the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9

Some of the highlights of Samsung Galaxy S8 are its edge to edge infinite display and the bezels on both the upper and lower sides of the screen. It has not been along for the customers to enjoy the beauty of Galaxy S8 that the Samsung Company has planned to launch the outstanding nest invention six months ahead as expected. The Galaxy S9 is going to be the most happening Smartphone of the year that will break all the records regarding class, style, designs, and features.
Some of the features that are reported to be present in the latest model of Samsung Galaxy are listed below:

Excellent Display of the Latest Galaxy S9

This time the company has prioritized its display and will be designed with a display of three-edge infinity along with a high-class resolution of 4K. This time the Galaxy S9 will get the curvy screen from the three sides of the phone, and it has embedded bezels as well as the Samsung logo on the phone.
In Galaxy S9, the earpiece will be attached to the glass display. The designers got inspiration from the latest version of Xiaomi Mi Mix. The team of Galaxy S9 has been working hard on display and reports say that the device will have the front-facing camera at the bottom front of the phone.

The extra thin and curvy concept of Galaxy S9 will own the super capacitor battery that can charge the phone in a matter of seconds, i.e., in just two minutes. Now, this is something new!

6 GB RAM and Snapdragon Processor

This time Samsung Galaxy S9 will also feature 6GB RAM and rumors are there that the Smartphone will be loaded with an inbuilt storage capacity of 256 GB, now that’s huge!
The Galaxy S9 will run on the Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon on the manufacturing process of 7nm. The previous Smartphone was manufactured by a 10nm process and 835 Snapdragon. Now, this step is a grand one from 10nm to the straight 7nm manufacturing process and will be setting a milestone in the history of the company’s record book, for sure.

Galaxy S9
News from a local Korean website says that the company has started its work with their latest upcoming invention, Galaxy S9. By the end of this month, it was reported that the display sample would be unveiled to the audience. Other specific details about the Smartphone are expected to be launched one by one in the later months.
This time Galaxy S9 will own a new glass coating that will not just be water-resistant but also water repellant at the same time. Users can use the phone even in the rainy season with pride and show off their Galaxy S9 without damaging the battery or any internal part from the water.
It is only after the success of LG G6 and the super cool iPhone 7 plus, it has become a trend of the season of including a dual-camera system in the Smartphones for the extra cool factor, and if we believe the rumors, the Samsung will also be incorporating this feature in its Galaxy S9.


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