The Role of Computers in Our Daily Life

Remember those days when we used to walk in to the banks and get our pass books filled manually or the supermarkets, where we used to get hand written bills and the counter staff would sit with the help of a calculator and total up the bill.

Now when we think of those days, we may smirk at the very thought of being in such a situation again. The credit for this goes to the computers. They have made our lives really easy. A client sitting in the USA can get work done from his subordinate sitting in India without even meeting that person. The utility bills can be paid without standing in any queue. Not to forget the fact that quite a lot of shopping can also be done from the comfort of one’s home or business.

Also, the students need not spend hours a day in the library trying to find some information for their projects; they can just surf on the internet and get the information of their relevance. All kinds of scholarship and admission tests are now available online and the students don’t have to sweat it out for the same and can complete these tests from their home itself. Even for a simple thing like getting more information about a disease, one can log on to the internet and get the details rather than worrying about it.

How can we forget the relevance of computers in keeping in touch with our relatives and friends? In the earlier days we had to wait for a fortnight to get any correspondence from our relatives staying overseas, but now it is just a matter of seconds. The seniors and subordinates can keep in touch with others even after the office hours since the internet is available all the time. Long distance businesses can also be run efficiently with the help of computers. There are many instances when the business associates do not even meet face to face but maintain a healthy business relationship.

Another important fact about computers and internet is that there is ample of opportunity for women who wish to work from home due to computers. Gone were the days when working from home was a remote possibility. Now anyone who is fluent in English, has a computer with internet connection can work at home and be financially independent.

If used correctly, there are ample advantages and opportunities in using the computer technology. The computer technology has advanced so much that to keep in line with the others; one has to incorporate computer technology in one’s life. It is just not possible to think of working without the help of this technology because this is a very important part of everyone’s life now. Life has been made very easy and convenient in today’s world just because of computer technology and there is no denying the fact that the computers have added speed in our lives, otherwise we would still be living in the days where there would just be papers around us and we would be writing each and every stuff rather than getting it on our computer screens.