Samsung N220 Netbook Review

Samsung N220 Netbook Review

Samsung has yet again introduced another great machine to its lineup of stunning laptops, this time calling it the N220 netbook. This netbook is capable of embracing more apps and is currently being offered at a very reasonable price in the UK. Performance and usability is no exception in Samsung N220 besides the stunning design.

Intel Atom N450 Processor

Using the all new energy-efficient Intel Atom N450 processor, Samsung N220 has acquired a longer battery life and improved performance. This small processor chip runs at a speed of 1.66 GHz and has proven to deliver satisfactory computing. With the inclusion of this processor the laptop could have been expensive but instead it’s pretty economical.

Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System and Memory

Storage-wise there is 250GB SATA hard drive for ample storage and 1GB DDR2 RAM to support the processor for execution of multiple tasks. The Intel Atom N450 proficiently supports the Genuine Windows 7 starter operating system which works well and you will experience no nagging when it comes to the surfing the internet, running video/audio players and other applications.

10.1″ WSVGA Display

The N220 has a 10.1″ WSVGA Non-Gloss LED screen which delivers a pleasant experience while watching movies as the screen doesn’t feel undersized. With a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels images appear more vibrant and lively. The Intel Atom N450 in hand along with the pre-installed Intel GMA3150 graphics card lets you experience better quality video viewing and graphics.

Design, Dimension and 8.5Hours Battery Life

One glance is not enough for the Samsung N220. Packed in a lustrous red exterior and black interior the N220 looks classy. Weighing just 1.31 kg, the Samsung N220 accompanies you perfectly during traveling and this trendy and powerful laptop is sure to make heads turn. Samsung N220 is not only suitable for traveling due to its portability but its battery life as well which is outstanding and commendable. With all applications running simultaneously this admirable laptop can let you stretch your sessions for more than 8 hours without requiring a recharge.

Connectivity Features

There are people who give preference to laptops with swift connectivity and the N220 doesn’t disappoint us at all. It is Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n enabled and also offers Wired Ethernet LAN 10/100 enabling you to get connected wherever you are. You can even have video chat with your friends, family or colleagues anywhere in the world thanks to the embedded Web cam along with integrated microphones. Three USB slots are also provided so that you can transfer data whenever you want.


So when we say that Samsung N220 has it all! We are not being funny, instead just giving you a thumbs up for this state of the art machine. Performance, Mobility and Style all in one laptop, what else can one desire.