Magic Jack: How Does It Work?

Magic Jack a small adapter that connects the phone line on one end and the USB port on your computer on the other end. This makes your home phone line connected to the computer and enables it to make long distance calls using voice over IP (VOIP).

Since this product is surprisingly popular and is being sold in huge volume, more and more people want to get hold of this technology so that they too can make free long distance calls within North America. Some however wonder whether it really works as advertised or it is just another scam.

Reading various Magic Jack reviews posted by its users, it is apparent that this product really works. You can find those user reviews on large shopping sites like Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc. Besides, the manufacturer offers one year of free long distance call and a 30 days no question money back guarantee which makes it easy for people to try out the product before buying.

There is nothing very surprising about how Magic Jack works. we all use the computer to make long distance calls. Most popular instant messaging services these days have voice and video call options. We can make free calls from computer to computer using voice over IP protocol. Using this same technology, the adapter is using your phone line to make long distance calls to another land line or mobile number.

You not only can make long distance calls with this adapter, you can make local calls as well. Typical phone options like directory assistance, caller ID, voice mail, etc are also added to the features. Just read a few Magic Jack reviews if you want get more familiar with the product before making a decision.