What’s So Great About Digital Images?

Digital images offer a whole new avenue of photographic capabilities. With them, many things can be done that cannot be done with film. With traditional pictures, once you turned the film in for processing, your job was done. On the other hand, if you are using a digital camera, you can use your computer and photo editing software to touch up and enhance the pictures. Quite easily, you can the shade of the picture and also do fun things like cutting out people you do not like without using scissors.

Long gone are the days of sending photos in the mail only to have them ripped and broken by the postal service. Digital photos can be shared simply by posting them online or attaching them as part of an email and distance is no longer a limitation at all with them. Because of computer technology, digital pictures can be shared with anyone in the world instantly.

Computer software like Microsoft PowerPoint, digital images can be applied to business and educational presentations and often bring life to them. Multi-media slide shows can also be produced for more laid back audiences with the use of electronic pictures. Additionally, digital images can be burnt on CDs and DVDs for easy transport and for use as gifts. Electronic images are often used in business and household databases. Most real estate agencies use digital image to enhance the descriptions of the properties they hope to sell.

The world of digital photography is filled with opportunities for the creative mind. Imaging software allows one to be as creative as he or she desires. You can take someone’s body and place it under another person’s head. You can paint a mustache on yourself or even slice ten pounds off your figure. With computer technology, you can do all these things and more. None of these things could have been done with film cameras.