Benefits of Owning a Rugged Computer

Every one seems to want the newest computer technology, and the newest computer, no matter what they actually need it for. So when they go to the store, they take a quick look at the prices, one or two of the memory specs, and pick the cheapest option, thinking they just got the best value for the money. Unfortunately for the uninformed, some of the newer computers being made today are cheaper because they are not as durable as some of their older counterparts. What people tend to forget is that computer companies are businesses, with profit motives, and if you go in uninformed, you will get what you pay for.

In the 80s and 90s, when desktop computers actually filled up an entire desktop, and people equated bigness with computing power, computers were made rugged and durable. Their shells were not the clear plastic conversation pieces with the aliens on top and the paper thin shell hardly protection for the fragile wires inside. They were manilla, hard, and got the job done.

Today, it seems that computers are more a fashion statement than a workstation for many people. People grab the skinniest laptop just to say that they have the skinniest laptop. They buy desk heat pads, handbags, external fans, and many other accessories that the companies say you must have in order to protect your computer. The old computers never needed those things, and even if you get all those accessories, you are still encouraged to buy the extended warranty because the battery is “guaranteed to go out after a year and a half” and the “computer attracts dust no matter what you do.”

Old Tandy computers that stayed out in the dust and plugged into the wall for years still work with no problems, and yet the more advanced computers of today need so many accessories and maintenance to stay functional. Especially with computers that travel, it would behoove buyers today to maybe go for the slightly thicker computer which can actually stand traveling from the house to the Starbucks and back. Then you will not have to buy the $500 worth of extra accessories just to say you have the hottest thing on the block — which can’t even type up the proposal that is due in two days.