What Types of Malware Problems Can Occur Through a Browser?

It is no surprise that there are all sorts of malware and spyware problems that can infect a computer. Typically, Windows computers have substantially more problems with these issues since it is the most popular operating system and targeted the most. Regardless of what system you do use, there are some malware vulnerabilities that can happen through your browser.

The first type is through a vulnerability in the browser itself. Each browser will have a unique set of problems depending on how well the coding has been done. At times there are openings that may have been left in the browser unintentionally. While some coders have a good eye to fix these, others use their skills to maliciously hurt users. Updating the browser or switching to a new and safer one is the best way to avoid these types of problems.

The second type of issue that happens is through the Flash and Java plugins. The same problems that happen in browser code also happens with Flash and Java. Keep these plugins up to date or look for alternatives that you can use. These will be safer, but you might suffer from lower quality performance.

Many browsers have additional plugins and extensions that can be used. These are made by third party coders meaning that those who control the browser are typically not double checking these. Generally, if there is a malware problem with one of them, they are removed so no one else can download them. At times it takes awhile before the malware is actually discovered.

The last way that you can get these issues is by downloading from untrusted sites. There is no software solution to fixing this issue. If you download files that are harmful to your computer and run them, no matter how well your protection is or how up to date your system is, you will likely be affected by malware issues. If you are downloading files from untrusted sites, you need to stop tin order to protect your computer system.

Browsers can be a source of malware and spyware problems. Learn what can be done about these and how you can avoid being affected by these annoying problems.