So You Want to Be an Computer Instructor!

So You Want to Be an Computer Instructor!

Everything now is run by computers. To be able to run the simple computer we must know at least the basics. Computer literacy is the name of the game. We have to educate ourselves with the basic programs and the simple task of knowing the parts of the computer. A computer instructor will teach us the ABCs of the computer!

Being an instructor is not an easy task. You have to take the basic 4 year course in Computer Sciences in a college or university. From there you can take additional courses specializing in the different fields of this kind of technology. There are basically just two main fields – hardware and software. Hardware refers to the mechanical and electrical parts of the computer. Software refers to the operating systems that make a computer work. A very effective instructor is adept with the two fields although he may specialize in only one.

This is a machine made of circuitry. A hardware computer instructor should at least be able to identify the parts and assemble one into perfect working can be complicated a lot. There are personal computers like desktops, laptops and notebooks. There are mainframes that run on digital or magnetized tapes. If you decide to specialize in the field of computers hardware technology, your instructor is instrumental in educating you the differences of these computers and the way how each one works.

Operating systems are the programs that make it function. Software programming constantly changes so if you want to become an instructor in this field you have to be up to date with the latest technology. You should have a logical, flexible and analytical mind.

Computer instructors are paid a high compensation for their field of expertise. They are in demand in colleges and universities. Some businesses employ instructors to train their employees. A career in this kind of technology definitely opens a lot of doors for job opportunities.