The Importance of IT Lessons in Schools

It’s fair to say that the presence of technology now sits alongside our vital necessities in life: oxygen, water, sunlight and now our iPhones. The past decade has witnessed technology grow at dramatic speeds, completely altering the way we live our lives and communicate.

We have neglected the pen and paper and moved onto emails, we text and ‘facetime’ rather than directly talking to somebody and we update the world via social networking of what we are doing day to day. All of these things may not be the most beneficial uses of technology however; nobody can deny that they aren’t brilliant.

What technology has done has allowed us to perform certain tasks that would have been a little long-winded before. For instance shopping online is a lot less stressful, online banking, applying to jobs can be done in bulk rather than taking the time to write several covering letters, contacting family on the other side of the world is easy and getting news and information has all been made a lot easier with computers.

As the internet and Microsoft office have altered the workings of our world, it is absolutely essential to have IT training in schools. What this does is prepare children and young adults for the vital skills needed for any job. Every employer now needs their employees to be able to type quick, use basic email and internet and have knowledge of all Microsoft office.

In order to prepare the future generation for the working world IT training lessons must be present in schools. These should run through the necessities such as Excel and Word. It is essential to have sufficient knowledge in this to even be considered for a job role. Excel is key to assisting the smooth running of a company, it helps with decision making and works out profits. An employee doesn’t technically need to know how to use V Look-up or anything too complicated, but the ability to create simple spreadsheets and use formulas is key.

IT Training in schools will allow children and young adults to play around with their creative side; offering them a leap into the real world and future. It gives them the ability to obtain information and use their logic. What IT training also does is gives the students a break from the standard white board and teach lessons. The visual aspect of using a computer enhances learning and is suggested to increase concentration and learning capability.