Importance of Education in the Present Age

“Knowledge is Power” thus goes the saying, which proves to be true in the modern age of computer technology, space-travel and nuclear technology age! According to US President,” In an economy where knowledge is the most valuable commodity a person and a country have to offer, the best job will go to the best educated- whether they live in the United States or India or China”. It is an authentic answer to the much debated topic on why is the education so important.

Education is an international passport. A well-educated individual get good job opportunity in any part of the world, depending upon his educational background, knowledge of the corporate world, passing of certification test, latest knowledge of computer training and professional skills and abilities. He also must possess a dynamic personality in order to be presentable; this quality comes through education.

A well-qualified person possesses self-confidence, inter-personal skills, etiquette and manners. He also knows well the customer dealing and can meet the deadline of the business work required to be fulfilled by him. Today’s computer education gives him empowerment to see the perspective beyond the limits. Educated people have jobs that are more meaningful and interesting as they are in a position of decision-making. Such is the power of education!

Although there is a direct relation between education and success, it destroys the purpose of education. An individual must for meaningful contribution to his society. By just limiting the purpose of education to getting a lucrative job is derogatory to the significance of education in particular and human dignity as a whole! Computers provide education that broadens your horizon and gives you the better understanding of the world. Therefore, the youth of today need computer system based education to keep pace with the fast moving world. PC is a necessity for every individual, whether student, professional or working mothers. To meet the growing demands of computers, cheap computers and refurbished laptops are available.

Refurbished laptops and used computers are quite affordable, almost half the original price, because its parts have been replaced for smooth functioning. They are reliable and efficient and work with accuracy. Therefore the school going children, college students or young career-oriented professional, all prefer to buy refurbished laptops to continue their education, which is the foundation of better life.

Educated people can also manage to have healthy life-style. They make healthy choices of their diet and enjoy longer life expectancies. They are full of self-esteem and are in a better position to contribute more positively to society.

Education is the basis of a civilized structured society. Advancement in science and technology as well as aerospace is possible only through higher education. Computer training and higher education is necessary as it paves the way for equal rights and opportunities for the masses. Social and economic differences are removed, thus leading the country towards the path of progress.