Funny Pictures On The Internet

Most people enjoy spending a few minutes a day looking at funny pictures. Almost everyone has received an email that contained some of these humorous photos in the past. What most people do not understand is how to find these pictures for themselves.

The internet and search engines are a great tool for finding the odd to the mundane, but unless you are able to ask the search engine specifically what to look for, you may end up spending most of your time searching instead of laughing.

Some people will argue about what makes a funny picture. While it is true, there is a bit of subjectivity to this medium, there are some common attributes to them. Many will say that the unexpected is funny. While this might seem to be true on the surface, it does not always hold true. A gruesome shot of a highway accident can be unexpected, but unless you have a seriously warped sense of humor, you will probably not find it funny.

Some will say that odd is funny. While random odd things might be funny, there are other emotions besides laughter that can be evoked by an odd photograph. A person with an odd shaped head might not cause you to break out into laughter. Some might laugh as a defense mechanism to help disguise their distaste or pity of the subject, but most people do not genuinely find the oddity funny.

Others will posit that humor is derived from a combination of things, usually ending in an error or logical fallacy being exemplified in a photo. This theory seems to have the most credulity; however, there is still a bit of subjective tense to this idea of humor. It is possible that one person will understand the dichotomy portrayed in the picture while another person may not. Hence, one will find it humorous and laugh and the other will continue to look at it with a blank stare.

Ultimately, it would seem that humor, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Many people of one demographic will find a subject humorous while others will not. Once you find a subject matter or genre that you find humorous, you can narrow your search on the internet to those types of photographs.

To find the pictures you like, you will need to be very specific in your search queries on the internet. Many times, the best thing to do is add a more specific term in the search field separated by a comma. This will help the search engine find what you are looking for.

You may come across websites that specialize in the type of funny pictures you like. If you do, then you should bookmark the site to save some time in the future so you can jump straight to it and begin enjoying the fruits of the site owner’s labor. Laughter is the best medicine, and we should partake in it as often as we are able to do so.