Your Internet Protocol Address And Its Purpose

Almost everyone has an address of some kind and it’s all physical. Did you know that the same holds true for your electronic devices? When you go on the internet for the first time or sign up to different websites, did you know that you were assigned a specific set of numbers that can identify your device every time you are on that site? It’s called an internet protocol address or IP address. You have to have these for various security reasons. In the event something illegal takes place, the device it happened on can be traceable thanks to the numbers that are assigned.

How This Works

When you go online for the first time using a new device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, you are assigned an IP address. This is done so that every time you should up online with that same device, it’s recorded using the same IP address they have given you. This is the local address for that particular device. Now once you go on to certain platforms and begin to put information in such as creating accounts with various websites online, they are going to give you a different IP address for each one of those. This way, every time you log on to any of those sites, your assigned address will be recorded. Also, the router is also assigned an IP address by the internet service provider. Having these numbers are important because if there are a terroristic threat and any type of illegal activity, the IP address can be linked to the device that it came from and traced to where the person of interest is located. Just so you know, each device has its own address. There is no sharing. Also, there are sites that will alert you that someone is using your device and will add the IP address to show that if your device was taken they can trace where it is coming from.

The IP Address

The IPv4 addresses are limited in how many people can get them. It’s for this reason that the IPv6 came out, which does not have any limits. The growth of the internet is supported by these numbers and therefore have to be registered. Some people prefer the IPv4 over the IPv6 and will put themselves on a waitlist for these numbers to come up. The reason for this is because people use this to make money. If they can be the IPv4 recipients, they are placed on a waiting list and are going to be a qualified recipient that can get an auctioned IPv4. You can use any ARIN Auction Services when it comes to this. The IPv4 is limited, which makes it more valuable and people would rather have that address than the other.

You can see now how important that IP address is to you. Make sure all of your devices have this assigned number. You can always get an auctioned one as well.