A computer is a programmable device used in processing, retrieving and storing data. This machine contains hardware that depending on the operating system, needs software updates to keep it running. These updates are done to fix bugs, improve the stability of the system, and add new features and capabilities increasing the machine’s versatility. Different types of computer machines need different software updates. For instance, Apple computer updates are different from HP or Dell. Nowadays, a considerable number of people have portable laptops over desktops because of their transportability. Most laptops come with Bluetooth hardware that connects to many devices wirelessly. This ability makes laptops a multipurpose gadget. Nevertheless, driver updates for hp computers or others are a necessity to keep the gadgets-to-device connection always in top performance and increased usability.

One must know the operating system before determining the kind of software update required. These operating systems include Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Ubuntu, Unix, Windows XP, among others. In Windows 10, clicking the start button on the bottom left corner and selecting settings, is the option of update and security. Its selection will automatically update if connected to the internet. Major updates will require restarting the computer, otherwise, it will continue as normal. These updates are grouped in important or recommended that are both essential to install improving the health of the computer. This operation will work the same for all windows operating systems working on C++ software, compared to Ubuntu, a Linux system based on python software. Depending on the operation one would like to use the system, if for basic operations, and HP computer would be ideal.

Driver updates for HP computers offer critical patches to security holes or vulnerabilities accessible to hackers. Hackers use these susceptibilities to acquire personal information placing the client at risk of identity theft and mostly loss of money via credit card fraud. To circumvent these issues, updates are sent. Most, if not all of these updates take a considerable amount of time to complete, to which most people cancel or set the update for a later time. The delay of these updates increases the chances of thievery from hackers who are always mischievous in creating malware for these grievous works. As a computer owner, it would be advantageous to be knowledgeable about these known vulnerabilities to keep the computer secure. Not all updates are legit. This could be a malware disguised to ruin the pleasure of working with comfort.

For HP computers, going to their website is perfect for HP would not send damaging software updates through their website. For instance, updating an HP Envy 4520 printer software would be downloaded from their Driver Support website. One gets to read the reason for the update, its size, and any additional features added to accessorizing the use of gadget-to-appliance capabilities. Features like printing without accessing the network or cable connections; smartphone or tablet Bluetooth connectivity, or scanning documents and directly up-linking them to any device, etc. The printer configurations are done for saving paper and ink usage depending on the job and later improvements through updates upscale the kind of service the appliance offers.

Updating drivers contribute magnificently by the increase of efficiency and work-load handling. Meaning, a swap of graphic card from Nvidia GTX 1050 to a Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, would differentiate between using the computer to play games and high-resolution games in 4K. Even working jobs that require smooth movement of characters, let’s say, in video game creation or editing movies. Driver and software updates are necessary for excellent performance.