The Business of Computer Services

We have been living in the age of computers and information since the early 2000s. When Facebook launched its IPO, that’s when we knew we were truly in this age, and that from then on, the internet would rule the world, literally. Each day, each minute, and each second there are thousands of online actions happening, and these actions happen in milliseconds. Most of these actions, such as an email sent, a website link clicked on, a video watch, and countless others, create revenue and become a business.

The Business of Computer Services

The business of computer services has created millionaires and billionaires but has also left people with less money than they started their computer services business with. But what exactly are computer services? Well, they range from literal services like computer repair and screen replacement, to the thousands of services that a computer allows people to do. One of those services is what I am doing right this second; I am writing this article.

Other computer services that make a lot of money include designing and publishing websites, managing social media accounts, creating advertising campaigns, designing 3-D objects for engineering, and many more like getting a  type of remote dba. Most people are what we would call “tech-illiterate”, because though they know how to use their laptop and/or computer, they don’t know the capability and use of the very technology they’re using. They can make power point presentations, business cards, and even automate certain tasks.

Now, you don’t have to do any of this yourself if you don’t want to. There are entire business models that revolve around the business of computer services and all they ask for is a small fee to connect buyers of computer services with providers of computer services. They rightly deserve this fee because of the immense value that is created within their online platforms. In these types of platforms, you can literally find every computer service available, and at a reasonable price too.

You can run an entire business by outsourcing your computer services. You’ll have someone design your logo, business cards, website, and even marketing campaign to drive people to your website. Of course all of this requires some capital, so before you choose to do this (if it’s even something you want to do) make sure to have money saved up.


In conclusion, in this article we discussed the topic of computer services and listed some of the more common ones like web design and advertising. Of course, there are many others, but it is best that we focus on a few as opposed to simply listing all of the possibilities. If you want to learn more about other computer services, or if you want to start your own computer services business, all you have to do is google the term “computer services” or “computer services business” and you will be amazed at all of the potential you’ll now be aware of in this great