Slow Loading Computer – Can I Speed Up My Slow Loading Computer For Free?

Many people ask me a question about the slow loading computer. Most of them do not know why their PC becomes slow. They want to know some tips to speed up the slow loading computer for free. As a matter of fact, it is unavoidable that your computer will run slowly over time if you have never maintained it. Fortunately, you can prevent your PC from slowing down if you know some simple computer technology. Moreover, you can save your money from fix the slow loading problem.

At the beginning, the CPU governs how fast your computer runs. The more work your CPU is doing, or the more tasks it divides its time between, the slower your computer will tend to work. You can optimize your CPU usage and make sure your PC can work efficiently. Also, you should make sure that your CPU is not overheating. After these processes, your machine will get a good speed.

Then, if you run multiple programs at the same time, you need to enable your computer to have enough memory for running. Otherwise, your PC will definitely slow down. Therefore, you can remove some unnecessary programs from your machine to save RAM so that your computer can run faster.

There might be a great many files stored on your hard disk. If you do not have adequate storage space for these files and the temporary files are overloaded, your PC will get a poor performance. In order to make your PC run smoothly, it is recommended you to defragment the fragments on your hard disk and don’t store files on the desktop.

What’s more, you should make erase the threat information such as Adware, Virus and Trojan from your PC. The applications are not classified as Malware. And they run all the time once you start up the machine. If you do not really need them, remove them or at least stop them running all the time.

Lastly, Windows registry is the most important cause of slow performance. When you add programs or uninstall applications, new entries get written to your registry. Not all uninstallers are created equal, however, and useless bits of program code are often left behind. These files take up a lot of resources so that your PC can not work effectively. Fortunately, you can download and install the registry cleaner which can detect and clean up the registry errors for free. Also, it can restore the best performance to your computer.