Laptop – Is it Better Then a Desktop Computer?

If you have to buy a new computer, you will definitely have a dilemma about which one to choose. Laptop or a Desktop computer. Even if having a desktop computer has good sides I will give you a several reasons why you should by a Laptop computer.

For me, biggest advantage of Laptop computer over Desktop is mobility. Apart of using your Notebook on the desk, you can use it everywhere you go. In your home, car, park, restaurant and even when you are traveling by plain or ship. You can use it wherever you are comfortable. You are not limited with power cord, because laptop has its own battery that can last for hours.

You can use Laptop with wireless connectivity to connect to internet and check your mail or just surf from any place in your home or any place with wireless network coverage. So you can take it on to your vacation or business travel and send pictures via internet to your loved ones instantly.

The other advantage is that Laptop is very lightweight, so now you can carry it in a bag without even noticing it. In last couple of years, displays on the Laptop computers are improved in size and quality, so now you can say that displays on Notebooks are equal in quality, and in some cases even better then Desktop computers.

Even configurations and parts of the Laptops are improved dramatically. In the past Notebooks were limited with Ram and size of their Hard Disks. Now, with improvement of computer technology, that is not a problem anymore.

Laptops are, these days fully featured. Many of them have build-in DVD Players, Web Cams, Wireless capability, Microphones, Firewire and many USB ports, so that you can connect any additional devices that you want and need.