How Does Nouse Technology Work?

A nouse is a novel computer technology. What is unique about this technology is that it permits you as the PC user to make use of your nose and eyes as pointers. Accordingly, these parts of your body serve as hands-free taking the place of the mouse pointer that’s commonly associated with PC devices. Nouse technology comes with quite a lot of features. The most important is face and head detection. The face detection characteristic permits your pc to detect your face, as it’s what you’ll be using as the pointer. The head detection characteristic makes it possible for the PC to detect the actions and movements of your head.

Blink detection is one more characteristic of nouse technology. It’s understood that your nose can’t make obvious and deliberate movements. Accordingly, nouse technology comes with a way by which you need to use your face for purposes of making clicks. That is the use of the blinking motions of your eyes. The nouse technology system has been calibrated in such a manner that it is able to interpret say, three or 4 consecutive blinks as choices or clicks. Because it is a new technology, nouse might take a while before people can learn how to make efficient use of it.

Nouse technology also comes with a facial gestures recognition feature. That is what is used to acknowledge and detect the person’s facial gestures that can be used to perform different tasks. What is most interesting is that each of the user’s facial gestures will be accompanied by corresponding duties and commands. One other characteristic you will discover on the technology is user recognition. This characteristic will be used to acknowledge the user’s face every time the pc is in use. The importance of this specific characteristic is that it will allow your pc to not only mechanically load but in addition use distinct yet customized settings for all users.

The ultimate characteristic on nouse technology is the digital keyboard. This eliminates the necessity of a bodily keyboard. The biggest advantage of this characteristic is that it makes hands-free computing and typing possible. The characteristic can be found in the computer control and the hands-free operating system. In case you find working with a physical keyboard and mouse considerably cumbersome, it’s best to try nouse. Nevertheless, while the technology affords comfort, it doesn’t come cheap. What is more, you may not get it at your local pc retailer as it’s still comparatively new.

The nouse technology will be significantly helpful to handicapped people and people with bodily disabilities. If you already know somebody who has trouble or is unable to successfully use his/her hands because of disease or injury, you should get her or him this technology. The technology permits people to interchange pointing devices such as mouse with their very own faces. Accordingly, disabled folks will not only be capable to work but in addition talk with others. It could be right to state that when the technology becomes mainstream, bodily limitations will probably be a thing of the past.