Finding An Affordable Laptop On A Budget

The great thing about computer technology is that it is getting cheaper to buy every year. Whether it is a desk top PC, laptop, netbook or computer peripherals such as laser printers or scanners you are sure to buy one at a greatly reduced price compared to the price you would have paid the year before.

The reason why prices fall each year is due to the pace of computer technology changing and developing. Computers and their components become outdated so quickly. A cutting edge computer bought today will be considered an antique in two to three years time. However, the fall in price is great for the consumer especially people who have limited budgets such as people on low income, students and even business start-ups.

In the past it would be near impossible for a student to have their own laptop however, today cheap laptops have become common place. Students are now able to afford the laptop they need. If you are on a tight budget it is important to point out that you need to be clear about what you will use it for. Even though the prices are getting lower a laptop under 300 dollars will not have the same processing power or memory capacity compared to a lap top under 400 dollars and above. Therefore, do not expect to be able to play the latest games as a cheap laptop would not have the processing power or graphic capacity to cope with that. Therefore, if this is one of the purposes that you need it for you would need to raise your budget to at least $500. For $300 dollars a new laptop at that price range will be suitable for word processing and web surfing.

If you need a higher spec but cannot afford a new one then, you may wish to consider buying a refurbished laptop. Refurbished can either mean that a new computer has been returned due to it being faulty. The manufacturer repairs and restores it then, sells it at a much reduced price. Other refurbished computers can be older display models that are also restored with up to date components.