Biography of Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson is the Computer Science teacher in Wheel Tree high school in Baredrill, Kentucky. He also works as the computer lab administrator. His job is to take care of the computer systems of the school, as well as teach the computer science curriculum to students.

Technology is an important part of education. Since the past years, US government has been spending more in the field of education. We have seen a number of technological advancements on most schools. Today, students know about computer technology and programming at an early age. Technology is touching every aspect of life- it has become imperative to include it in our education system.

Though we have seen some negative reactions from some people, and they say too much technology might ruin the classroom environment and students wouldn’t be able to relate to other humans, but I feel that technology helps them connect to outer world. You can easily study the history and geography of some other country, while connecting to their people and getting first hand information.

Experiments can be easily explained with the help of technical equipment. Having overhead projectors in classrooms helps teachers explain their lecture with much ease as compared to traditional blackboard approach. Computers can actually stimulate the minds of students and make them think regarding various real life situations.

Many parents and policymakers are not sure if the amount invested in technology in classrooms is actually giving benefits. I would like to tell them that it is. CARET (Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology) and NCREL (North Central Education Lab) have documented some studies that show that technology is related to academic excellence.

More studies have shown that learning about technology should start from kindergarten itself. It is better to familiarize students with technology at an early age. Technology should be incorporated in students’ assessments, teaching materials and curricula.

It is important to train teachers about latest techniques so that they can teach their students in a better way. I am very comfortable with these changes, being from computer science department, but the teachers from more conventional subjects need special training for using technical equipments. But it is not exactly difficult. One hour classes every day for about a week can easily train anybody. These devices make learning faster and teaching easier. So in case you are not aware of new technology, it is better you start learning now, as pretty soon all the classes of US would be technology driven, and while hiring for new teachers, schools would give preference to those who are well-versed with the latest technology.