6 Amazing iPad 2 Stands for Reading

One of the most overlooked functions of the iPad is its reading feature. Even without a keyboard, there are actually a lot of iPad stands available to make your reading experience more worthwhile.

1. A-Frame

The A-frame is a big stand. It is made of aluminium and rubber. The good thing about this stand is that it can be used for both the first version of the iPad and the iPad 2. It is quite solid and sturdy. Carrying it may add extra weight though, as it is quite bulky.

The A-frame allows you to display the iPad 2 in landscape or portrait mode. You can also adjust the angle by folding it down-perfect when typing. Generally, the A-frame is a stable stand for the iPad and iPad 2.

2. Groovystand

Groovystand is a stand made of Maple hardwood. It has been updated for the iPad 2 to fit well. They have a wide variety of stands to choose from depending on the purpose for which it is to be used. They come in 3 colors including black, brown and natural. The price also depends on the model you choose. Generally, the Groovystand has quite a traditional look.

3. Smart Cover

Smart Cover is a thin and durable stand made perfectly for the iPad 2. The case fits magnetically with the iPad 2, and at the same time, it can be held in different positions. This is great since you can do a lot of things with your iPad 2 such as watching videos, reading, typing and even posing in front of the camera. This stand also comes in 10 colors, giving you an excellent choice for personalization. The bad news is that it has a higher price compared to other stands.

All in all, Smart Cover is a good choice because it is flexible and innovative, very smart indeed!

4. Joule

The shiny-looking Joule iPad stand is made of metal. It is basically made up of two pieces of aluminium. The primary piece has a groove in the center, an opening for the speakers and three holes at the back where the second aluminium tube is inserted (depending on desired position). Rubber is placed inside the groove so as to prevent scratching of the iPad 2. The beautiful and elegant design of this stand makes it look expensive, because it actually is.

5. PropUp

PropUp has proved to be one of the most versatile iPad 2 stands around. Although soft and light, it is durable while staying secure in your hand. The good thing about this is that it allows you to use the iPad in different situations whether you are using it on a desk, in bed or on your lap. At home, in the office or even on a plane, PropUp is always easy to use. It has a sleek design and it has soft, round corners that offer protection. If you are worried about the price, you should not worry about PropUp because it is one of the most affordable stands around.

6. FitFolio

The FitFolio is a case and a stand for the iPad 2. This stylish and padded iPad stand has a custom-fit cradle that holds the iPad 2 in place. The cover becomes a stand when folded allowing the user to read, view pictures and videos or play games more comfortably.