3 Proven Ways to Repair and Fix Yellow Light of Death

Has your PS3 refused to come on? Do you think your PS3 has developed the dreaded yellow light of death? Would you like some help on how to fix yellow light of death right now? We all hate it when we invite our friends home or just want to have a little fun playing our favourite games and the PS3 gets whacked. It’s an annoying feeling that sometimes makes you feel like throwing it out the window. But, you don’t have to do that; you can learn how to fix the yellow light of death and repair the console pretty quickly. To do this, here are a few tips

1. Hair Drying Nozzle

The idea here is to find any point where the contact is broken and get it soldered again by melting the foil enough to facilitate the contact. Aim the nozzle at the point for about 15-25 minutes (be sure to move it back and forth, not stationary). After that, allow the fan or AC cool it. The contact should be re-established now.

2. Send to Sony

If the first option doesn’t work, send it to sony. It will only cost you at least $150 plus other expenses, 6-12 weeks without your PS3 and worse still, you could lose all the games on the HDD.

3. Repair Shop

There are many PS3 repair shops around. Look for one, find out if they repair the PS3 yellow light of death (ask for this specifically as not all do this) and then send it to them. This often costs $60-$140, 6 weeks without your console and you run the risk of getting your HDD formatted.

4. Repair it yourself

This is the most effective option as it saves you time, money and the frustration of having to send it back if it reoccurs. All you have to do is get proven instructional guides and videos with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fix yellow light of death. These guides are often very detailed. All you have to do is watch the videos and replicate the process and voila, your PS3 is back on without you having to lose your games. This will often take less than 60 minutes for the tech savvy and a little more for those who aren’t.