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Tips Of Claiming Unpaid Wages In California

Upon getting hired at a firm, nobody can tell how sometimes things turn out and it happens to the best of us that you may find yourself dealing with issues of unpaid wages along the way. Even though there is a chance that the situation may turn from bad to worse, it is important to do something and claim your unpaid wages. It is, after all, wages for work you did do. See below some tips for claiming unpaid wages in California.

Begin by carrying out research. Inquire from friends and colleagues alike on how they themselves dealt with the situation so as to get ideas. See what more you can learn from the internet in this regard. Read more from the online forums, the blogs, and even the social media platforms. Look for the reviews and feedback given by others that have done this before you.

You shall then need to contact your employer asking for your unpaid wages. Do so in written form via a letter or an email. Write a very articulate letter with all the information that you have and attach proof if you have any. If you are a member of any workers trade union in California, copy the letter to the leader as well. Be sure to copy the letter to the head to the trade union you belong to so as to keep them informed, you might need their input later on. Ensure you have put up a timeline on your letter very clearly.

If after talking to your employer about it he still doesn’t pay your wages, you will need to involve the relevant authorities in California. There are conciliation services you can hire so that they could come in as a third party and try to find a solution or you could go for a local trade union. Your appointment letter and your pay slips will help prove that you were working for the employer as you claim, carry them with you when you go meet this third party you have chosen.

The employment tribunal allows you less than three months to get your case in court because when it hits three months, you will not be able to. The deadline is on the 29th day of the third month and not anything past that. You can still involve the employment tribunal while the third party is still trying to get you a solution but it seems to bear no fruit. In most situations, you find that the cases are withdrawn because the parties come to a settlement and there is no more need for a hearing.

At the employment tribunal, you will need someone who will represent your case. If you have a friend who has knowledge of employment law, he can represent you or you could find a lawyer who is good at this. In some situations where you cannot prove your relationship with your employer, there would have to be a hearing to get that sorted first before you can proceed to the main hearing.

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