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Tips for Getting Cash from Selling Diabetics Test Strips

One way to make quick cash is by selling your extra unused diabetic test strips to companies that purchase them in order to cater for the needs of diabetic individuals that cannot afford them. The following factors should be considered when selling diabetic test strips for cash.

Come up with a detailed list of diabetic test strips you want to sell while keeping in kid the requirements of the buying company. Do your homework and find out the type of test strips the company is looking for and see if your supplies is right for them. Also, find out about their policy regarding the boxes expiration date and the condition in which you should resent the test strips. For the transaction to be successful, most test strip buying companies require the boxes to be unexpired and unused.

Before you send the diabetic test strips to any company, it is advisable to run background checks. You want to ensure that they are well-reputed and their main is to supply the test strips to those who cannot afford buying them at retail prices. You can check their reputation by reading online review and testimonials of other individuals who have sold their unused diabetic test strips to them. Similarly, you need to check if they have good ratings with site like the Better Business Bureau and whether there are any complaints or malpractice issues against them.

Similarly, make sure that the company buying your test strips has been in operation for some years. Also, ensure that they are a legal business entity that has been legalized by the state in which they operate. For instance, they should be FDA-approved which requires them to operate while adhering to the code of ethics put in place.

Proximity of the company to your home or office should e considered in order to avoid delays in shipping the supplies. When your shipment arrives at the company in time, you are more likely to receive your payment quickly. However, you need to ensure that they will cater for the shipping charges so you can send them the supplies. You can also inquire if they are willing to come and collect it directly from you.

Check the company’s website to see if they have a product calculator so you will have an idea of the total payments. All you need is to fill out the details of the products brand, number of test strips contained in each box as well as the number of boxes. When you how much to expect from the company, you will not be disappointed when payment is made.

The last tip is to weigh the customer service of the company before deciding to work with them. Get in touch with them and ask questions regarding their services and programs and see how they respond.

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