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How Laser Therapy Stops Hair Loss

It would be essential to think of a remedy to your hair the moment you note so much of it on shower, on the pillow or even on your comb the moment you are straightening it. It is also time to get worried if your ponytail is increasingly getting smaller. However, it is always different for men as they take time to note a bald spot on the mirror while the family may fear to hurt the feelings of the person in question. It tends to be normal for most people to act immediately and change their hairstyle the moment they note that they are losing so much hair. While it may seem like a light discussion, millions of women and men across the world tend to suffer hair loss with about 50 percent of men experiencing hair loss while a whole 25 percent of women experience hair loss too. Hair loss tends to happen at any stage of life but tends to be more common with aging people.

It also, tend to be unfortunate that so many tend to note that they are losing hair when almost half of the hair is gone. According to experts, many people will not start a hair restoration process until they have lost about half the volume of their hair. However, one would need to remember that it is not possible to bring a dead hair follicle back to life and the moment a hair follicle is dead it cannot be brought to life. As a result, one would need to stop further progression of hair and come up with a strategy to regrow the thinning hair. You would need to note that laser therapy tends to have no side effects even as it tends to rejuvenate hair follicles to strong cells capable of ensuring healthy hair growth. It would also be essential for one to remember that instances of trauma, stress, medication and genetics may be causing the hair loss and the need to talk to a doctor. One would need to know that some of these conditions tend to be temporary and can be fixed at home while others tend to be treated early enough to avoid instances where they become irreversible.

You would need to consider low level light treatment if you are losing hair as a male or as a female. The cells of the hair follicle require stimulation to facilitate hair growth. Many individuals evade the use of drugs because of their side effects making laser therapy a good option for them. Laser therapy is a rich source of medication for most health conditions. A healthy growth of hair is vital to an individual. Melanin is responsible for the natural coloration of hair, and the laser therapy influences its availability.

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