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Does technical analysis actually work in crypto markets?

In 2021, bored at home in the face of sudden lockdowns and the economic crisis, more and more people are starting to look at cryptocurrency trading.

If you’ve ever considered trading the Bitcoin market or entering money for different types of dogs, you’ve heard about crypto technical analysis … or its worthlessness. Probably.

Let’s face it: Does technical analysis really work in the altcoin market?

Draw a great deal of lines to make it look like you know what you are doing

Technical analysis is a popular way of anticipating the next price movement by looking into the patterns on a crypto market chart.

The dangerous part of technical analysis (in any market) is that history is usually not literally repeated, and people tend to see patterns in the open.

But if you look away from human error, don’t expect too much from technical analysis. The graphic pattern is vaguely repeated. If you see patterns in your work, there are some downsides to guessing what the price will do next. That’s all.

Tool to understand the market conditions

Good technical analysis uses tools to understand the market forces at play.

Good indicator for that are Bollinger BandsTM. In very simple terms, they will shows you the “typical” price of the market you are trading. That is the price towards which that market typically gravitates.

If the price action wanders out of its most typical area, chances are it will start wandering back inside soon. Sometimes it won’t, and that is when something extraordinary is happening.

Crypto markets are all a bit extraordinary

What does it mean that something extraordinary happens on a crypto market?

This could be a fundamental change, for example, China banning Bitcoin. It certainly affects prices in ways that may have been unexpected.

But especially in the cryptocurrency markets, there is another way to shake up the charts: someone who has a lot of money starts trading a low-cap cryptocurrency.

In a very small or new cryptocurrency, this type of whale can require as much as five digits in US dollars.

You can imagine that small emerging markets, like the dog tokens, are very easy to operate. Technical analysis is based on market regularity.

There is no power in a market that does not even have the opportunity to act on a regular basis.

Should you use T.A.?

For many crypto traders, technical analysis is a limited tool, but a very useful one for understanding the charts they see.

This is the way technical analysis should be used – as a device to make sense of a chart.

It is always safer to use technical indicators in crypto markets that belong to more mature markets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

With so many people trading it at any given time, it is much more difficult (and more expensive) for a single entity to influence their pricing behavior. What this means for traders and investors is that they can rely a little more on …

Where to Find Computer Lessons For Kids

Where to Find Computer Lessons For Kids

There are many different places to find computer lessons for kids that will teach your child how to use the computer effectively. You can find lessons in stores where you might pay a few dollars for a lesson package on CD or DVD. You can also find computer lessons for sale online if you wish to purchase your own and then download the file or learn through an online community. However, there are many free sources online that are especially designed for kids. One of the best places to start your search is through the many homeschool websites that are designed to support children and parents who have dedicated themselves to teaching and learning at home.

One such helpful website that offers computer lessons for kids absolutely free is . This particular website offers a 3 part computer lesson for kids that provides the basic knowledge about how to use Windows such as opening and saving files, creating and moving folders as well as provide general knowledge about operating the word processing system. Parents can sit with their children and help guide the learning process through these easy, free lessons.

There are other computer lessons that can be found online that provide a more in depth learning experience regarding computer use for older children as well as for teens. Not only will they learn the basics of how to use a computer and the basics of word processing, but they will also receive instruction about how to use certain software programs and how to stay safe on the internet.

Not only can you find computer lessons for kids, but you can also find many other subjects that are taught via computer technology that make it easy to find just about any information you need for your kids. You can find subjects that can be purchased separately or through entire internet based schools that offer curriculum in an orderly design that you can use to teach your children either online or through a computer based video or CD format. Even though you can find a variety of lessons for children using computer technology through local stores, the very best source in which to find computer lessons for kids is through the internet.…

6 Amazing iPad 2 Stands for Reading

6 Amazing iPad 2 Stands for Reading

One of the most overlooked functions of the iPad is its reading feature. Even without a keyboard, there are actually a lot of iPad stands available to make your reading experience more worthwhile.

1. A-Frame

The A-frame is a big stand. It is made of aluminium and rubber. The good thing about this stand is that it can be used for both the first version of the iPad and the iPad 2. It is quite solid and sturdy. Carrying it may add extra weight though, as it is quite bulky.

The A-frame allows you to display the iPad 2 in landscape or portrait mode. You can also adjust the angle by folding it down-perfect when typing. Generally, the A-frame is a stable stand for the iPad and iPad 2.

2. Groovystand

Groovystand is a stand made of Maple hardwood. It has been updated for the iPad 2 to fit well. They have a wide variety of stands to choose from depending on the purpose for which it is to be used. They come in 3 colors including black, brown and natural. The price also depends on the model you choose. Generally, the Groovystand has quite a traditional look.

3. Smart Cover

Smart Cover is a thin and durable stand made perfectly for the iPad 2. The case fits magnetically with the iPad 2, and at the same time, it can be held in different positions. This is great since you can do a lot of things with your iPad 2 such as watching videos, reading, typing and even posing in front of the camera. This stand also comes in 10 colors, giving you an excellent choice for personalization. The bad news is that it has a higher price compared to other stands.

All in all, Smart Cover is a good choice because it is flexible and innovative, very smart indeed!

4. Joule

The shiny-looking Joule iPad stand is made of metal. It is basically made up of two pieces of aluminium. The primary piece has a groove in the center, an opening for the speakers and three holes at the back where the second aluminium tube is inserted (depending on desired position). Rubber is placed inside the groove so as to prevent scratching of the iPad 2. The beautiful and elegant design of this stand makes it look expensive, because it actually is.

5. PropUp

PropUp has proved to be one of the most versatile iPad 2 stands around. Although soft and light, it is durable while staying secure in your hand. The good thing about this is that it allows you to use the iPad in different situations whether you are using it on a desk, in bed or on your lap. At home, in the office or even on a plane, PropUp is always easy to use. It has a sleek design and it has soft, round corners that offer protection. If you are worried about the price, you should not …

Current Technology

Current Technology

The technology and its enhancement each day has become the driving force of change in the modern world. It has altered the economic structures as well as the way we communicate.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is one of the general terms these days as concerned to transmission technologies for the delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as Packet Switched networks or Internet. It is a system that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband connection instead of regular phone lines.

IP Telephony refers to communication that is transmitted via the internet. Under this system communications are converted into digital signals that travel over internet. All that you need to make your IP calls is a broadband connection service such as DSL or LAN network and a computer if the devices are such.

Because of its bandwidth efficiency and cheaper rates that is provided with VOIP technology it has been becoming more and more popular. More and more VOIP service providers have been emerging in the recent years and clearly it is turning over to move towards mobile VOIP that will allow same features and convenience on the go with its cheap call rates. As per improvement in technology there will be significant change in the quality of data transmission, with improved multimedia and video conferencing provided by many service providers.

The next step most probably would be towards the standard mobile networks particularly emphasizing over the 3G, GPRS standards. The implications of these would be profound enough to shake the future technologies to a huge extent. It has been speculated that like the iPhone and other smartphones have hit the market, so does the use of Voice over IP that would allow users to use applications like Skype and Fring that will allow make free calls over their mobile phones.

The use of VoIP applications like Skype over eventually all the smartphones has Very significant implications for mobile communications. Along with low costing VoIP calls mobile networks are also providing with 3G services have projected a very dynamic forecasts for mobile phone operators.…

Computer Forums For Better PC Users

Computer Forums For Better PC Users

Today, free online computer forums are most-sought after by all categories of PC users who want to continuously upgrade their PC-related knowhow for better use of computer technology. They make such information technology forums as part of their tech support.

Whether it is to improve your present computer use or your search for new computer-related ideas and tips, you perhaps need to visit such computer forums.

Today, when it comes to better use of your PC, the possibilities are open. One place where you should explore such possibilities is free online computer forums. This will help you achieve better results from your current PC use. Here again, the limits are open. There are individual success stories where a small business meeting the needs of a small village turned global. While the business plan was the same, only better use of computer technology changed all that.

You may be an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, you should try to find out-of-box business solution. One field where you can make big by such smart solutions is how to make better use of available computer technology. Today, online computer forums are full of ideas and tips which may help in finding your own winning solution. Some time spent on exploring such possibilities has made small village business global. Perhaps there is nothing which can stop you too from becoming big and successful.

Tech help tips from such information technology forums can be a source for your continuous value addition. You can fine-tune yourself with fast-changing computer technology. You can know what is latest right from tech help experts. You can be the first mover in building your technical support plan for using them. As a result, you can make big by applying such computer technologies early.

You would want to have a bigger share in the total market for your product. There are many individual success stories where innovative personal computer users like you have come out with better business plans by visiting free online computer forums in a disciplined way. These better plans have given them huge market, popularity, and made such businesses many times more profitable.

You perhaps thought that your works are somehow well managed on your PC. But did you realize that you can still achieve more from less. When it comes to saving time by better use of computer technology, again the possibilities are open. If you can design your professional work in such a way that leads to reduction of your total time spent on your job, you can have more time to do other important things in your life. To find some important leads, you should first visit online computer forums. You should then consult your technical support provider with the specifics. By finding your time-saving formula, you can pursue your hobbies more frequently. You perhaps would like to spend more time with your loved ones. Go for a holiday. These things are not unrealistic today by better use of computer …

Choosing the Correct Type of Brother Printer Ink

Choosing the Correct Type of Brother Printer Ink

If you have recently invested in a brother printer, then you have probably noticed the various types of ink available. There can be a lot of inks to choose from and for first time printer users, it can be a little overwhelming. Consider some of these basics about brother printer ink next time you’re curious about making the right choice.

It is actually very important to use the correct type of ink in your printer. Not only does incorrect ink usage lead to faulty printing, it can also cause problems with your printer. Certain types of ink are specifically created for different types of printers. If they are not used, then it can greatly damage the performance of your printer as a whole. Incorrect types of ink can even put clogs in the printing.

For some printers, there is a list of different types of ink that are acceptable for usage in printing. Sometimes this is limited to a few choices, other times there is a broader list of options. For the most part, the best choice is to use the recommended ink for your general printing needs.

Other times, ink can vary by the type of job that needs to be done. There are specific types of ink that should be used for printing photos in comparison to printing something such as documents. Using the proper type of ink is just as important as using the proper type of paper for some printing projects. The right choices will give you the optimal results and performance and also keep your printer running properly.

If there isn’t a general list of what inks should be used in your printer, there are ways to find out this information. You can do an internet search for basic results. You can also ask an assistant at the local printing store for recommendations on what are good ink choices for your printer model.

You may also notice that sometimes when you are shopping for ink either online or at the store, the compatible inks and printers will be listed there as well. It is important to carefully read the packaging on the ink cartridges in order to pick the appropriate type. Some inks can also be used for multiple printer models.

You can also purchase ink in combined packages. This can be useful if you are looking for good deals on color and black ink as a duo. It can also be an option to look into if you want to find the appropriate pairing without having to search for both types of ink separately. Alternatively, it can be wise to purchase multiple cartridges of ink for use in the future so that you can save yourself additional trips to the store.

In general, choosing the correct ink for your brother printer is fairly simple. The first few times may take some trial and error, but remembering the basics can help you when you are making your …

The Evolution of the Current Generation’s Consoles

The Evolution of the Current Generation’s Consoles

Our current generation’s consoles are surely nearing the end of their reign, this year the Xbox 360 will be celebrating its 7th year anniversary, the PS3 and Nintendo Wii, their 6th. However, the only new home console that has been announced was by Nintendo in 2011 at the E3 convention where they unveiled the Nintendo Wii U set for release in the fall of 2012. The current generation of consoles have changed a great deal from their initial launches over 6 years ago.

Xbox 360 Comparisons

The Original Xbox in 2005 was released with a A�280 price tag. It was infamous for its red-ring-of-death problems. It was the first console that supported HD graphics but the HD was provided by a composite cable as it didn’t have HDMI. It also came with a 20GB hard drive and no internal Wi-Fi but instead a A�50 USB dongle had to be purchased. When released, Microsoft only shipped 300 thousand units to Europe and stock was extremely short, the console sold out instantly and many Xbox 360s made their way onto auction sites to be sold for over double the RRP!

The current model of Xbox 360 debuted in 2010; it is a much sleeker and more stable console. It is a lot smaller than the original and many fundamental flaws have been fixed such as in-built Wi-Fi, a HDMI port, a 250GB hard drive, a completely new dashboard and also the ability to use multiple streaming servers. You can pick up a new Xbox 360 for as little as A�129.99 for the smaller 4GB model and around A�179.99 for the 250GB model.

PS3 Comparisons

Released in 2006, the PS3 was priced at a whopping A�425 but it was the second fastest selling console ever in the UK after the PSP. The original PS3 was a behemoth of a machine boasting a Blu-ray player, a specially developed cell processor, built-in Wi-Fi and a 60GB hard drive. The extra-large PS3 had its own backward PS2-compatible hardware, and memory stick, SD and compact card slots.

Then in 2009 came the much prettier and slimmed down version of the Playstation 3. With a reduction in both size and price, it allowed the PS3 to become more competitive with the Xbox 360. The current Playstation still has its unique Blu-ray player and a 320GB hard drive but with the slimming down, there have been a few major sacrifices. It lost its backwards compatibility play, a couple of USB ports and memory card slots. The controller also saw a slight upgrade from a six-axis to a much more solid dual shock version.

Nintendo Wii Comparisons

Released in the same year as the PS3 in 2006, it was a mould-breaking console, the console itself was under half the size of its counterparts with a futuristic design. The Wii was a big gamble for Nintendo and it was a huge success, it’s never before seen 3D motion controls made it the perfect system …

Location Intelligence: Important Support for Mineral Exploration

Location Intelligence: Important Support for Mineral Exploration

The natural resource industry depends on technical data to be able to locate, analyze, and develop their main assets. In the mineral exploration industry, location is everything. Location intelligence solutions have proven to be essential in the mineral exploration industry. By using a comprehensive location intelligence system, companies can find the exact location of the largest resource concentration. Location intelligence technology allows mineral exploration scientists and researchers to make more accurate decisions resulting in greater use of time and money.

Location intelligence solutions allows mineral technical staff to integrate data from a number of different sources, put all of the data in a central geospatial environment, and then provide the analytical tools to put the data in their own framework. Using such location technology as satellite sensors that contain multiple wave band colors, scientists are able to interpret short wave infrared, near infrared, and thermal infrared wave lengths to identify the earth’s various structural features. As well, thematic mapping and multi-spectral imaging allows for the collection of various vegetation, rock, and soil properties. The data can be used to identify oxides, soils, and clays from satellite images. With location intelligence, researchers and scientists can identify exact resources.

Location intelligence is an ideal platform to search for new mineral deposits as data sources from various sources such as satellite images, geologic maps, and geophysical images, can be put in formats that allow them to be brought together to determine important results. As well, GIS can help scientists and researchers perform such tasks as: data collection, analysis, reporting, management, and forecasting. They can collect field data electronically using GPS receivers and other data collections can be downloaded from the internet. All of the data groups can be integrated, manipulated, and analyzed using location intelligence solutions. Various applications can be employed for a variety of tasks such as managing borehole data. With such data as elevation, geophysics, and geochemistry, geological cross sections can be created. The overall result is more accurate data and analysis which will help management make better business decisions, reduce exploration waste costs, and it gives the company a competitive edge.

Location intelligence solutions provide all of the essential tools needed to complete the mapping and analysis for the early stages of mineral exploration. By using this innovative and advanced technology, technical and research staff have the ability to create, modify, import, and display data in easy to understand formats for easy interpretation. They also have the ability to zoom-in and pan around areas in real-time and manipulate, modify, and analyze the data to predict possible outcomes. It is also used to assist geologists in identifying trends and anomalies in the various types of data gathered from the different sources. As well, it can also help identify false anomalies that would normally not be apparent when using conventional methods of analysis.

The underlying mapping and visualization capabilities of location intelligence allow mineral exploration companies to integrate and analyze exploration information which gives them …

The Menace of Identity Theft

The Menace of Identity Theft

In the modern world, the crime of identity theft, or fraud, goes beyond the understanding of human mind! It can happen to anyone at anytime in any place of the world. It is a crime of the century with millions of people falling victims each year! It refers to the impersonation of criminals via careful adaptation of bank account numbers, debit/credit card numbers or driver’s license stealthily. Criminals use this personal information and spend the victim’s money before it is known. Not only this, the impersonator can misuse your confidential documents according to his own sweet will!

Research indicates that the criminal operation pattern shows a primary type of identity theft. In account information, as mentioned above, the fraudulent gets your credit account information and purchases via your credit card. He often opens new bank account on your name using your SSN; this you will never know till you receive the bank statement showing “payment due.” Though the law protects the victim where he is not liable to pay any part of the loss, he certainly gets a bad credit report! It could be months or even years for you to recover financial loss, depending on the extent of damage.

When we hear about the crime of identity theft, senior citizens come to our mind as the likely targets. But the recent Survey Report revealed that youngsters in the age group of 18-29 were the greatest victims. The youth were the most vulnerable and comprised about 31% of the total theft! This may be because the younger people are more carefree and not interested to protect their identification.

To prevent identity thieves from getting access to your personal information, some precautionary steps can be taken. Thieves usually indulge in dumpster probing where trash bins are searched for credit cards, loan applications, documents and other sensitive information. Don’t keep your mailbox unlocked from where the thief can easily steal newly issued credit cards and bank statements. Your investment reports and insurance statements are quite vulnerable in this way.

Be careful at ATMs and phone booths from where the identity thieves are always on a look out for your PIN numbers. It is evident now that they pose as loan-sanctioning officer or insurance agent to obtain your personal information. If you are computer user for the most part of the day, you will also notice emails that seem to be just like the ones you receive from your bank! Let spam filter work for you and delete those emails. Used computer or refurbished laptops or new branded model, whatever you prefer to use, you must check your credit report twice for early detection of any fraudulent activity on your card. If it happens, it is our duty to report to the concerned authorities immediately.

When you buy a cheap computer or refurbished laptop, or sell your used computer make sure to delete all files, as it is said, “prevention is better than a cure,” it is well …

More Special Features From Adobe Computer Software

More Special Features From Adobe Computer Software

There are many special features from Adobe computer software that will allow PC users to manipulate and control the data, music and photos they download or create on the screen. The software programs are broken down into six major categories and then within those categories are hundreds of programs that could be downloaded to help a PC user make posters, edit a video or fix a graph just to name a few of the many things these programs can help an individual do.

Together, these six groups, and their subgroups, cover everything a seasoned programmer or individual with little or no experience on the computer would need to create professional looking documents and other types of papers. Most people are familiar with the photo program, one of the company’s most popular series for downloading, updating and manipulating photographs. This popular software is available in different styles, perfect for people who like to make their photos into creative pieces of artwork. The trendy picture program also has a package that is strictly for videos and one for web designers.

Another program uses flash technology as an integrated set of programming technologies. This program is designed to help produce videos, persuasive submissions and helpful context. When the creation portion is completed, it is time for the distribution process. The distribution is accessible to a wide audience across different devices and screens.

Business users will enjoy their own special software plan that helps them gather information from the Internet that their customers have left on specially designed forms. This style of program is good for sales and calls center operations, account enrollment and supply chain ordering. The advanced copy allows for customer self-service, account opening and inquiry management.

If your company is looking for a way to tally customer’s satisfaction with a product or service, there is a program for the computer designed to help gather this information. It will precisely analyze the collected data surveys and a business owner could choose to see them in graph or spreadsheet form. This program will also incorporate different social media files into one place for easy access.

Many companies, as well as individuals, may need to create portable document format files or PDF’s so that others can open the file. When an individual receives a PDF file, they could get it in one of two ways: as a ‘read only’ file or as a downloadable document. If the file is a ‘read only’ this document can not be edited and is intended for the receiver to read it and act upon it accordingly. The other style, a downloadable file is able to be downloaded to the computer and that person is able to edit the file and send it back or make copies of the document.

Another software program under this line allows an individual to publish to their website. They could publish articles with keywords that Internet users place in the search boxes to find the products …